About Joe Funaro

Twenty five years ago Joseph (Joe) Funaro began Dominion Grace Ministries as an itinerant ministry traveling the globe teaching, preaching and demonstrating the Dominion Life by God's grace. From August 1996 until 2009 (thirteen years) Joe and his wife Elsa were pastors in upstate New York during which he continued his itinerant ministry. After moving to the metro area of beautiful Denver Colorado, Joe and wife Elsa again find themselves pastors of a new church, Dominion Life World Outreach Center (DLWOC). Currently the ministry of Joe and Elsa include being pastors of DLWOC and taking the gospel into the world as itinerant ministry. Their hearts are to disciple others teaching them to do the work of the gospel then taking the kingdom of God outside the four walls of the church. By teaching and ministering with God's power the word of God is confirmed.

Joe functions in the body of Christ as an missionary, evangelist, teacher and pastor. He has conducted pastors’ and leadership seminars, divine healing seminars, evangelistic crusades and revival meetings in the West Indies, the Caribbean, South America, Africa, as well as the Continental United States. Hundreds have been saved, filled with the Holy Spirit, and healed through the power of God’s Word and the grace of the Holy Spirit. Miracles, signs and wonders are normal for Joe and Elsa. They constantly see God's love poured out on His people.

Joe is available to speak locally, nationally or internationally to your church or at your next event. His desire is to see the world reconciled back to God and disciples of Jesus walking with power for the glory of God. Joe speaks the truth in love, his words are full of power and the Holy Spirit confirms the word of God. You, your fellowship, your church or your event won't be the same after hearing the truth.

For information on the church (DLWOC) you can visit the web site at http://www.lifedominion.org.